Minimalistic site design – advantages and main features of style

Minimalistic site design - advantages and main features of style

If you want to create a website, the main rule that you need to follow is not to overdo it. In this web designer is being helped by the so-called minimalistic design. Now, by the way, it is at the peak of its popularity. Today we will try to understand what kind of style it is and what its main advantages are.

What is a minimalistic design?

In general, this concept can be defined as a maximally concise style, characterized by simplicity and accuracy. Basic elements (colors and fonts) are also used with emphasis on simplicity and with extremely limited palettes, which most often can include only one or several variations of color or font.

Details and free space are the main factors shaping the aesthetics of this direction.

Modern minimalism in the web design

It can often be found in elements of flat layouts or in material design. The basic concept and characteristics with time remain virtually unchanged, for example:

  • Many prefer to create projects in predominantly white and black color schemes.
  • Typically, designers leave a lot of free space – especially the areas around the central image.
  • Sans serif fonts are also used.

The above points are not the basic requirements of a minimalist design, but they are quite common and can serve as a kind of indicator of style, regardless of the time period.

Recently, designers have also begun to include animation in similar sites, following the trends and wanting to make the web page more live and interactive. However, you need to be extremely careful with this. Animation should be unobtrusive, and performed in the same style (colors, font and other) as the basic design.

Minimalistic site design - advantages and main features of style

Another important trend in minimalism is the size of the text. Performers prefer sharp calibration – super-small or giant inscriptions with a contrasting background and simple images. High contrast is great for creating a focus in a simple structure and emphasis on right content.

Advantages of minimalistic design

Now we turn to the most interesting, namely to the advantages of this direction and their use in real projects.

  1. Absence of disorder and tinsel

One of the most important principles of minimalism is not to litter the site with unnecessary objects, without which the user may do well.

  1. Focus on important

Minimalistic design will help visitors to focus on the most important elements of a web page.

  1. Increasing of creative potential

Limitations of minimalistic style actually make the designer use more creative approach.

  1. Usability

Obviously, a layout with fewer elements is much easier to work with.

  1. Less coding and development

In general, the minimalistic style in design is much easier to implement because of its simplicity and structure.

  1. Better download speed

When a visitor goes to a minimalistic site, often, he can count on his excellent work in any browser.

  1. Helps to focus on content

A minimalistic design delivers the text as well as possible and allows the visitor to focus exclusively on content.

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