Famous journalists about iPhone XS and XS Max

Famous journalists about iPhone XS and XS Max

Media, which received a new gadget before sales, published the first reviews of the new Apple flagships. We have gathered for you the main thing.

The largest publications identified the following features:

  • Great display
  • Loud speakers
  • Continuous autonomous work
  • Ultra-fast wireless charging
  • Cameras of medium level, portrait mode blurred
  • Too high price

Nilay Patel, a reviewer for The Verge, believes that iPhone XS and XS Max camera is slightly behind Pixel 2 and advises waiting for the release of XR, which has the same processor and the same basic camera for $ 750. The only question is how well its 6.1-inch LCD will look compared to OLED on XS.

On his opinion, the display in iPhone X was the best, XS and XS Max retained this trend, but Apple’s approval for support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision is a little rash – the display is getting brighter, but the picture is not comparable to HDR on the TV.

Famous journalists about iPhone XS and XS Max

When asked, “Should I buy new iPhones?”, Nilay answers: “I would not be in a hurry to spend $999 on XS, if you have X, but if you have already pre-ordered, do not worry: you will like iPhone XS.”

David Phelan, author of Forbes, singled out “Eight things that no one told you about Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max”:

  1. A new amazing camera.
  2. Face ID works even faster.
  3. Costly hull painting – takes 10 hours.
  4. Fast wireless charging …
  5. … which works, even if the smartphone was put sloppy.
  6. Work without a sim card (e-sim).
  7. There is no headphone adapter in the box.
  8. The Lightning connector is painted – the inside is painted in the color of the case.

A reviewer from the New York Times, Brian H. Chen, believes that none of the new phones has made a huge technological leap since last year. In his opinion, iPhone XS Max is great for use as a navigator in the car and scrolling the tape in Instagram, and XS for taking photos.

He still thinks XS is better for most people, but many of them will enjoy XS Max. Bryan encourages you to try out the new iPhone before buying.

Scott Stein, the author of the CNET resource, is convinced that there is no point in updating from the iPhone X, and the hit of this year will be the iPhone XR: “If you have money and you love big screens – XS Max is your option. I would not spend so much on the phone. ”

The journalist noted that the novelties received a noticeably improved dual camera, superior to iPhone X, especially in poorly lit environments, noticeably faster processor and face identifier.

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