4 free ways of promotion in Instagram

4 free ways of promotion in Instagram
  1. Profile title

The title is the first line of your profile description, highlighted in bold. When using the search function, Instagram looks for an account by name and title. For you it’s a great opportunity to be found by your target audience. Think about 2-3 keywords that describe your account and add them to your headline. Use the language of your audience.

  1. Geo tags

Make it a rule to always place geo tags under any circumstances. People often look for photos taken in one place or another, and for you it’s once again light up. There may be an idea to put a mark of a popular place, even if the photo is not done there. Still, it is better to choose a geotag that is relevant for your photo. If the photo was taken outdoors, mark the street, district or simply the city name.

  1. Hashtags

Tags are not only a marketing tool, but also a great way to find the accounts you are interested in, see what happens on your topic in your niche and inspire the ideas of future posts. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags, use this feature to the maximum.

Basic principles of working with tags:

  • Use 3 groups of tags: those that describe your profile, those that describe your ideal reader and those that are now in the trend.
  • Do not use very popular tags, they do not make sense. Your post will simply drown in a stream of photos and it will be a wasted tag. Choose those that have 10 to 300 thousand posts. As your account grows, you can take larger tags (those with 500,000 or more photos).
  • Always put yourself in the place of your target audience and think about what they are looking for in Instagram and in what language.
  • Check for quality. When choosing tags, look at who uses them and what photos they upload. In other words, whether the tag is used by purpose, or there are many bare bodies, inadequate and spam.
  1. Mentions in public

Find public on your topic. Quite often, such accounts have their own hashtag, which they ask to use to re-post your photo. They always indicate the author and then everything depends on your profile, whether it is attractive to the extent that people click “Follow” or not.

If you focus on this kind of promotion, we strongly recommend starting to be friends with such accounts and their owners, generously comment and like them. The rule is: first give your love, light up and become visible, and then rely on reciprocity.

Mark the brands present in the frame; they quite often make re-posts themselves. Write reviews on goods, restaurants, cafes and mark them. Actively attract attention to yourself.

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